5 Examples Of Kindness Shown By The Police Officers To Homeless People

Date December 19, 2017

Nowadays, the police officers are mainly associated with violence and brutal force. However, these 5 examples of kindness shown by them prove that these people can support us and help in various situations. Please check these stories, and you will find out too.

1. Sergeant Rick Schnell

In 2000, Sgt. Rick Schnell and his partner John Liening developed the "serial inebriate program" in San Diego. The latter basically addresses the health, safety, and housing needs of homeless adults living on the streets.

Rick and his team every single day leave their homes and facilitate shelter placement for homeless people.

2. Officer Mark Valenzuela

Sergeant Rick's team is not the only one that makes a difference like this. In Phoenix, Arizona, police officer Valenzuela was photographed helping a homeless old man who had no shoes to wear. It was reported that the elderly man was seen loitering near a gas station, and someone called the police.

Thus, officer Mark Valenzuela did the most amazing thing ever. Instead of arresting the homeless man, he opened the trunk of his car, brought out a pair of new shoes, and shocked onlookers when he knelt down to help the elderly man wear them.

3. Officer Lawrence Deprimo

In a similar report, 25 years old Lawrence Deprimo, NYC police officer, knelt down and gave a homeless man a $75 set of brand new boots.

4. Officer Dean Joseph

There's also the story of officer Dean Joseph, LAPD cop, who uses hugs and hellos to help the homeless. He has spent 17 years working in such a way, trying to make the community a better place, doing all he can to help the homeless.

5. Matt Holman

We've also heard about the story of Deputy Matt Holman of Greenville County Sheriff Office who helped a homeless man that had practically lost everything and everyone.

Deputy Holman couldn't get the homeless man a shelter because they were all filled up, but he bought him a decent meal, gave him his Bible, and gave him hope for a better tomorrow.

A season to show kindness

These acts of kindness and human sympathy just show that there are many good people in the world. These officers might not have superhero powers, but for the families and people that have benefited from the humane and selfless services of these officers, they are and always will be their heroes.

And at this very special time of the year, we can draw inspiration from these police officers and extend a hand of help to someone in need. After all, that is what the love of Christ is all about.

Think who you can help and put a smile on this yuletide and go ahead to do just that.

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