Elvis Presley And Pets: The Little-Discussed Love He Had For Animals

Date December 12, 2017

In 1960s, before Michael Jackson mesmerized the world with his moonwalk, Elvis Presley had been entertaining the whole world. He graced the stage with such elegance and his music so captivating that he not only became a successful artist but also became knight-in-shining-armor for most women.

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Life on stage is often different from life off stage for many celebrities, this wasn't different for Elvis either.

Elvis And His Pets

What do you think he would have been doing off-stage? Playing the guitar, spending hours singing in the studio or with his band?

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No. He was fond of pets and considered them as family. He bought a mansion, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee, and that not only became his home but the home to many animals Elvis kept in his lifetime.

About Graceland

For his estate Elvis bought horses, geese, cats, and other pets. He also adorned his room with teddy bears many of which he received from raving female fans.

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While animals were on a field during the day, snakes were not given a chance. It was recorded, at one point, of how he literally ran a snake off his property with a rifle.

At a time he got a chimpanzee which ended up becoming as famous as he was, not only because of the animal's closeness to Elvis, but because the animal on its own also had its own behavior and humor that amazed and made others uncomfortable.

"All that motion was just as much a part of the music to me as the words I was singing." #Elvis

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Best Gifts

When making special gifts to loved ones, people could give beverages, clothes, monetary gifts, and many more. To those Elvis loved and cared about personally, he gave them his pets. He had a whole house full of them. It was his own way of expressing his love to people.

If Elvis were to be alive today, he would be protecting animals' rights, ensuring that they were kept safe and that each home adopted one.

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