Jono Lancaster: The Inspirational Story Behind The "Wonder" Movie

Date December 7, 2017

On Thursday, November 16, the red carpet was rolled out for a group of people whose appearance often makes them shy away from the spotlight.

Ahead of an advanced screening of the new film "Wonder," people with craniofacial disorder will walk the red carpet in an effort to remove the stigma surrounding their conditions.

Jono And His Adoptive Mother

After being abandoned by his birth parents barely 36 hours after birth, Jono's had a bleak chance of having a place to call home. But in the midst of that, God still had a great plan for his life.

The hospital, where he had been abandoned, called up a certain woman named Jean and told her of the abandoned child. Whereas Jono's birth mother had said she was horrified by the appearance of her baby, Jean's response was the exact opposite:

How could you not love a child?

Then she took one look at Jono and said: "Let's make this happen!"

The Movie "Wonder"

The movie is a family drama based on the New York Times bestseller, "Wonder," tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

The story relates well with kids like Michael Brown, a two-year-old with Treacher Collins syndrome, who will be among those in the spotlight. His mother, Brittany, hopes the movie can foster a conversation about craniofacial disorders:

With me and Michael I want you to come up and start a conversation with us. You might learn something about Michael that has nothing to do with Treacher Collins that makes him who he is.

Kids like Michael will had the chance to meet people like Jono Lancaster.

Jono And Kids With Similar Disorders

Jono Lancaster now 33-years-old, like Michael Brown was born with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS), a rare genetic condition affecting the development of bones and other tissues of the face. He has spent the past eight years traveling all over the world meeting families of children with TCS, spreading awareness of the condition, and leading free anti-bullying workshops in schools. Jono said:

If I had got the opportunity to meet someone like me in those days, I would have found that acceptance at a younger age. That's what motivates me to do what I do and that's why I'm here in Texas. I don't want this world to grind him down. I don't want this world to prevent him from chasing his dreams and his goals. I hope I can support him.

But this is only one of the places Jono meets with either kids with treacherous to inspire them. In his recent trip to the United States, he met 250 families with TCS in Washington D.C. at a four-day convention/retreat before heading to Boston and Maine to spend time with even more families and hold public speaking events.

Jono later posted on his Facebook about the movie "Wonder." The post reads:

"Wonder" made its debut in theaters on Friday, November 17. People who watched it were invited to take a picture of their ticket stub and post it on social media with the hashtag #ISawWonder and tag @CCAKids and @wonderthemovie.

A donor has agreed to donate money to the Children's Craniofacial Association in Dallas for each post, for a maximum grand total of $50,000.

Indeed, God has a grand plan for everyone born into this world. Let's not let one deformity or circumstance stop us from being all we were born to be.

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