"The Way" Band: A Throwback On Christian Gospel Country Music From The 70s

Date December 1, 2017

“The Way” was a Jesus music band who were dynamic and were the talk of the town through 1971 to 1976. Ken Scott's authoritative Jesus music survey Archivist summed up the contribution made by California's "The Way" and said:

Not as well-known as other early bands like Love Song, 2nd Chapter Of Acts, Phil Keaggy, etc, but The Way belong right next to them in the classic Jesus music section.

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Back to 70s With Maranatha Albums

It was back in the 70s that the first recordings by "The Way" appeared on the Maranatha compilation albums, "The Everlasting' Living Jesus Music Concert" with the song "If You Will Believe," and Maranatha 2 with "Jesus Is the One" and "Jesus Is All that We Need."

Their self-titled debut album which was recorded at Buddy King Studios in Huntington Beach was also self-produced and had a smooth mixture of folk and country rock that reminding the listener of America.

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Then they added rock edge to many of the songs on their second album while staying true to their country roots.

It was recorded at Mama Jo's in North Hollywood and produced by Al Perkins.

"The Way" Band: Members Of The Iconic Crew

"The Way's" two albums for Maranatha Music, 1973's "The Way" and 1975's "Can It Be," have been reissued on CD and are today considered classics by in-the-know collectors.

The band members include Ric Latendresse, John Wickham, Dana Angle, Bruce Herring who are the founding members. Then, Alex MacDougall joined in 1975 while Michael Fickling and Jim Stipec  joined in 1976.

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Amazing Christian Country Music: Best Songs

The Way band gave their all in continuing their quota to the much celebrated Christian country music we have today.

The band released great songs, like "Son Come Out," "You're Caught in a World," "Song of Joy," "Come on Down," "Closer to God," "New Song," "There's a Love," "He's the Reason to Go On," "Harvest and Are You Listening" all on their 1973 album "The way."

Also amazing hits, like "A Cowboy's Dream," "Days of Noah," "I've Been Sealed," "Do You Feel the Change," "Livin' on the Bottle," "Sittin' in the Pew," and "Bearded Young Man," were all loaded in their 1975 "Can It Be?" album.

All these songs are now available in stores and online stores, like Amazon.

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