7 Cutest Reasons Why Manul Is The Best Cat That Lived On Earth

Date February 27, 2018

The manul is an interesting animal that has managed to adapt and survive for millions of years thanks to an isolated life in sepia.


Outcast cat

The manul is a very unusual cat. As if descended from the pages of fairy tales, it instantly bewilders with the unusual appearance.

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This cat lives in the harshest climatic conditions with low snow cover. It is a famous misanthrope and seems to be a harmless kitten. Actually, he is a real ferocious and powerful predator, who will easily repulse every beast.

Reasons for uniqueness

1. Different name

Its second name, Pallas’ cat, was received in honor of Peter Pallas, a German scientist who met the wild animal in the Caspian steppes in 1782. After the discovery, the cat was given the unusual name Otocolobus, which in Latin means "ugly ear."

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2. Amazing fur

A thick coat and short legs limit the mobility of the manul, so it is really lazy (typical cat’s behavior) and tends to run in very rare cases.

Polina Bykovskikh /

3. Enduring capabilities

The manul can carry the cold to -50°C, as the density of the coat is 1395.003 hairs per square inch.

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4. Fragility

Manuls have the unique build of the immune system, due to their isolated way of life from other cats. They do not tolerate many infections and viruses that domestic kitty can hold during all their lives. Especially fatal for them is toxoplasmosis.

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5. As a domestic cat

Manul’s weight is the same as a domestic cat - from 4 to 13 lbs. It seems to look much bigger because of its thick fur.

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6. Character

This animal is very cautious, but not evil. They avoid people because of their wariness. They are not attracted by human settlements, and their hunting places are chosen far from the inhabited places. The manul is a silent cat, rarely snorts, but if angry, growls loudly.

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7. Elder animals

The cautiousness of the animal helped it to maintain the strength. As soon as this type of cat was discovered, people began to influence their life. The manul badly tolerates captivity, does not trust anyone and hides, trying not to show up. Now the question has arisen about the preservation of the number of this beautiful and harmless animal.

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Delusive appearance

The animal looks quite like a sweet, domestic, very fluffy Persian kitty: a flattened face, broad, strong paws, and a fluffy tail.

But do not be deceived by its attractiveness and don’t even dare to stroke its fur, as the resemblance to a cute domestic kitty is limited only by its appearance.