Helpful Duo: Lemon And Soda Safeguarding Domestic Purity

Date April 24, 2018 12:20

Lemon and soda can do wonders if combined together. Many women use the mixture in their weight loss programs; others as life-saving face masks; others as a multi-purpose health remedy. However, very few have ever thought about lemon and soda as a cleaning substance not only for your body but for the house as well.


Harmful products

People are already accustomed to using modern means for cleaning the surfaces, washing dishes, and air refreshing aerosols. They are really great at performing all their functions but contain chemical substances that have the most negative impact on health, and the ecological situation in the apartment.

We stopped cleaning our houses with lemon water and vinegar like our mothers did, and we clean with chemicals. We're breathing chemicals, and then everyone wonders why cancer is the biggest killer.

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It is especially dangerous to use chemicals for people suffering from allergic reactions, asthmatics, pregnant women, and families with small children. Organic substances such as soda and lemon can be a good alternative to chemicals. The fact, that they were used long before the appearance of abrasive cleaners, speaks volumes.

Best cleaning duet

Soda and lemon perfectly cope with grease, rust and other wastes that can prevent your kitchen and bathroom from being ideally shiny. In order to start using, just mix three spoons of soda and juice from half of the lemon, and apply to a dirty surface.

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Let the substance dry completely and clean the surface with a hard sponge. Not only does such composition clean the tile, sink, bathtub or toilet bowl, but can also be used as a means to remove complex stains on the fabric.

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It is necessary to put the magical mixture on dirty patches from coffee, tea, lipstick, fat, wine. Leave the product for 12 hours and wash in clean water. In addition, soda and lemon can be used for washing carpets, curtains, soft furniture, and even everyday dishes.


It will help remove any stale contamination no worse than the most expensive modern products.

How to use

In case you don’t usually believe such faux articles, here is a video proof of an ordinary household situation.

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The woman hadn’t washed the oven for ages and was ready to demonstrate the power of soda-lemon substance that turned out to be a genius cleaning solution. Check the video to see the entire process using only natural products.

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