Cabbage Patch Kids: 5 Creepy Facts On The Cutest And Most Popular Dolls Of The 1980s

Date February 2, 2018

Time flies, toys are changing

Today, many kids are unaware of a lot of cool toys that existed long time ago, namely lay tents, color forms, cool action figures, troll dolls, first NES system, and many more.


Nowadays, kids are playing games on iPads, mobile phones, and PCs. They do not even know about Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Back then, in 1980s, they were popular, and every child dreamt of having one.

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Here are 5 creepy facts about one of the most popular toy trend of 80s:

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  1. The design was actually stolen. Originally, the dolls where invented by Martha Nelson Thomas. Eventually, a gift shop owner, Xavier Roberts, noticed them and asked for permission to sell these toys in his shop. His offer was declined by Martha. Opportunistic man, Xavier, couldn’t miss the chance to make some money, so he stole the design and began selling his “own” dolls.
  2. Dolls have signatures on their bums. Every Authentic Cabbage Patch Kid doll has Xavier Roberts’ signature stamp on the left bum cheek (in rare instances, the signature is on the right bum cheek or is placed upside down). Every year of production, Xavier was changing the color of the signature stamp.
  3. Dolls came with adoption papers. Original Cabbage Patch Kids had completely removable outfit, birth certificate, and adoption paper. So, the main point of these dolls was a possibility to adopt them. Except, one still required to pay for that to happen.
  4. Donald Trump Cabbage Patch Kid. There are lots of different models all over the world, but probably, the most bizarre is the one that looks like the current US president, a child version of him. This doll was autographed by Donald Trump himself!
  5. Some people get nuts over them and even become addicted. Pat and Joe Prosey bought nearly 5,000 dolls, even though they have their own real daughter. 64-year-olds believe that these dolls are their real children as well.

Future toys have to be better!

With the fast development of technology, people may never have such simple toys in the nearest future. Those toys were our good friends. They helped us in times of sadness. And they developed our imagination. Let’s hope that future children will have even better toys, than we had back in the day!


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