Tom Jones' Legacy: 7 Best Hits So Far

Date December 8, 2017 18:03

Tom Jones is a great singer who gained popularity back in the 60s. Even today, his hits are known all over the world.

1. Help Yourself

The song was recorded in 1968 and reached number 5 on the UK's charts. The song is still played on the radio and considered to be the 60's classic. The hit is actually a rework of the Italian song Gli Occhi Miei.

2. Green Green Grass Of Home

Inspired by the American country album by Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Jones did his own version. The song tells us a story of an American fella who ends up in prison.

The song came out in 1965 and became the No.1 hit staying at the top for seven weeks. In 2006, Tom Jones performed a duet with his inspiration for the song, Jerry Lee Lewis.

3. Sex Bomb

From good boys' country, Tom Jones leaped to this bomb hit. At the time, the singer was working with young musicians and seemed to get interested in the modern styles. This hit is still one of the most popular works of the singer. It got "borrowed" more times than the rest of his songs. Besides, Sex Bomb really suits the career of this ladies' favorite singer.

4. Thunderball

Any song that is chosen for the Bond franchise is bound to become popular. Thunderball appeared in 1965 Bondiana film by the same name. Tom Jones has an interesting story to tell about the recording session. It is believed that the singer has fainted while singing the final high note in the studio.

5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Released in 1967, the song I'll Never Fall In Love Again saw success in the UK. It held the second place in the country's Singles Chart. Unfortunately, the United States did not love the song as much. I'll Never Fall In Love Again took the 49th place out of a hundred.

6. Delilah

Initially, the song wasn't written for Tom Jones. After PJ Proby refused to take it, Jones didn't waste any time and made it an instant hit.

7. She's a Lady

This song ensured Tom Jones the top place in America's music scene and brought him the biggest sales in the country. She's a Lady was written by Paul Anka. During the later year, the creator had the chance to perform the song in a duo with Jones.

There is no doubt that all these songs brought Tom Jones that incredible popularity that he enjoyed back in the 60s and 70s. All of them are special in their own way. Some people love Sex Bomb for its fire, others love Thunderball for it reminds them of a cult movie.

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