Woman Got A Fabulous Makeover To Make A Fresh Start After Bitter Divorce

Date February 8, 2018 16:30

Many people prefer stable life and don't want to change anything, even if they don't like something. Actually, it is very hard to start a new life if you are accustomed to your old one.


Sometimes, however, changes begin to occur without our participation, and then the only way out is making a fresh start. That's exactly what happened to a heroine of this story.

A woman named Laurie had a bitter divorce. After such a shake-up, her friends suggested she had to completely change her old look which was reminding the woman of her past. Eventually, they managed to persuade Laurie and brought her to a well-known stylist, Christopher Hopkins.

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The Makeover Guy, as he calls himself, said he was ready to give the woman a new look. After Christopher and his team of experts did their job, the image of Laurie completely changed!


With a new hairstyle and an amazing make-up, the woman started looking brighter, more energetic, and self-confident. The makeover took at least ten years off her! It is hard to believe that one visit to a stylist can change someone's life completely.


Christopher asked Laurie to come back six months later when her hair is long enough for a new style.

What do you think of Laurie's new image?

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