Laws Of Physics Disappear When This British Gymnast Performs

Date March 8, 2018

Kristof Willerton, the 25-year-old British gymnast proved that everything is possible if you work hard and follow your dream. This young man is already the gold medalist of the World Championship on acrobatic tumbling.

When he was 20, the video of his performance at the World Championship on men’s acrobatic tumbling became viral and more than 2,5 million people have already watched it. Tumbling is a gymnastic discipline that involves sprinting and somersaulting down a track.

Gombosuren Arslan / YouTube

Gombosuren Arslan / YouTube

Gombosuren Arslan/ YouTube

In this video, Kristof Willerton demonstrates such skills and abilities, which can’t even be explained by any gravitation laws. When watching the performance it seems like he is hovering over the floor mat.

But the most unbelievable part of the performance is at the end of the video. Kristof Willerton carried out a double somersault that was practically a standing jump! It is hard to imagine the human’s body is able to perform anything of the kind.

The achievement of actually winning what I have spent years battling in the gym towards feels completely unreal and still a bit of a dream. It has however made me feel more determined now to get back to training to try and achieve even more of my goals. Hopefully I can go on to try and win even more titles and break further ground in the sport.

By the way, Kristof studied biochemistry at St Edmund Hall, Oxford. He was the first British who won the gold medal at the World Championship on acrobatic tumbling. Besides, he was part of the British tumbling team that won gold at the 2017 Trampoline World Championships. At such a young age he is already so succussful! His parents definitely did a good job raising a good person!

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