Clark Gable's Granddaughter Kayley Had A Lot Of Life Problems But Managed To Become A Loving, Caring Mother

Date November 30, 2017

Clark Gable was one of the legendary actors and actresses who turned the iconic 'Gone with the Wind' film into the classics of the world cinema.


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His kids and grandchildren had every opportunity to become rich and famous.

However, there were times when money and fame could not help one of Clark Gable's successors, his granddaughter, Kayley, fight her addiction to drugs.


Kayley is one of the two kids of John Clark Gable, the younger son of the legendary Hollywood star. Apart from being Clark Gable's relative, people know her from Paris Hilton's reality show My New BFF (2008). But fame often comes with a high price and Kayley was not an exception.

Long battle with drug addiction


Being young and famous made Kayley face some of the worst Hollywood temptations, including crazy partying lifestyle and drugs. And eventually, she found herself being on the edge and fighting hard for her life.

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In 2011, Crosby Centers, a San Diego-based clinic that specializes in treating addictions, published an interview featuring Kayley Clark. The girl shared her story and opened up about some of the darkest times of her life:


I was not afraid to die, I was afraid to live.


Fortunately, Kayley was mensch enough to ask for help she needed so much.

And being able not only to ask but also to except that help brought her one step closer to the next, much happier chapter in her life.


The first great-grandchild of the legend


On January 1, 2015, then 28-year-old Kayley gave birth to her son – the very first great-grandchild of the iconic Hollywood star. She even named her boy Ocean Clark Gable, in the honor of her legendary grandfather, reports Daily Mail.












My love, my light, my angel Ocean #mother&son #OceanClarkGable #momlife #yogimamalife

Допис, поширений ????Kayley Gable???? (@yogi_unicorn)



As for Kayley, she seems to finally find the purpose worse living for.

The young woman stays away from the red carpets and media attention and enjoys her new, more important role – being a loving and caring mother to her precious little boy.

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