Expectation vs Reality: Some Hilarious Baby Photoshoot Fails


October 17, 2017 09:08 By Fabiosa

There are thousands of cute and stunningly perfect pictures of newborns and toddlers on social media. Most of these images were created by professional photographers. But the lack of knowledge, experience, and equipment does not stop other parents from trying to re-create some of the most popular scenes. However, the reality does not always match the expectations. So, today, we have picked four of the funniest baby photoshoot fails for you to enjoy.

1. Baby in a pumpkin.

What is a Halloween photo session without a nice orange pumpkin? Pinterest is full of cute photos of little babies sitting in a carved pumpkin with a huge smile on their faces, just like the one below.

In this case, however, it looks like something went wrong.

2. Baby under a blanket.

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect picture is a warm blanket or a piece of any cloth that is warm enough and looks good. But what if your kid does not agree with your choice of a fabric? Well, then, they will most likely look like the baby in the second photo.

3. Baby sleeps on fur.

Who did not see these pictures of cute little babies sleeping on fur? Most photos of this kind posted on the Internet look perfectly sweet. Although, not every parent can recreate the original setup.

4. Easter bunny.

Little kids look adorable when they wear something silly, such as a funny heat or headband with rabbit ears. So, you can surely take a couple of cute photos showing your baby as a cute little version of Easter rabbit.

At the very least, you will have one more hilarious photo for your family photo album.

Just keep in mind, that photos should not always be perfect. They are meant to keep good memories. So, do not be afraid to create silly photos with your loved ones and share them with the world. As long as these pictures make you smile, they are 100 percent perfect!