In Brooklyn, LOT-EK Company Built A Fancy Single-Family Residence Made Of 21 Shipping Containers

Date October 17, 2017 15:12

Designers and architects keep surprising the world with unusual, fancy-looking buildings made of different materials. In Brooklyn, NY, there is a container home made by a NYC-based company, LOT-EK.

Cargo container houses: What are they?

First, let us tell you more about the phenomena of the cargo container houses. As you might know, these buildings are made of huge containers that are usually used to ship items around the globe. Some people use brand-new containers, while the others prefer to recycle the used ones. The result is pretty much the same in both cases: a cheap, modern, and comfortable living space.

Houses made of salvaged cargo containers have a lot of pros. Their main benefits are the following:

- price. It is the main advantage;

- high quality. One of the main benefits of the shipping containers is their high tenacity. They are meant to hold up to 30 tons of weight and can be stacked up to seven high, increasing the total weight up to 200 tons. So, they can easily withstand the weight of a typical house;

- flexibility. Architects and designers can craft a space of almost any shape and size with the help of cargo containers. So, despite using recycled materials, you can get a modern high-tech home with an outstanding interior design;

- speed. In most cases, it takes a period starting from a few weeks to a couple of months to build a typical container house;

- eco-friendly. As we mentioned before, you can easily create a modern living or working space, using old cargo containers. Therefore, you help utilize old containers and keep our planet a bit cleaner at the same time.

A house built of 21 cargo containers

Back to our Brooklyn carroll house. The home was built on a 25×100-feet areal size. The whole project was designed and realized by LOT-EK, a design studio based in Naples, Italy, and New York. The company is well known for its persistence on creating remarkable buildings from recycled objects and systems.

The Brooklyn residence is just one of many LOT-EK's projects. To create the building, they used 21 recycled cargo containers. The main difference of this project is the unusual shape of the building: it looks like it was “cut” diagonally. The leftovers were also used during the construction.

The interior is both modern and cozy. The wood makes the house look and feel warmer, and the glass creates the open-space effect.

The house has four levels, with a large outdoor terrace at each one of them. Inside the residence, there is everything a family needs to feel comfortable: a modern kitchen, cozy living and dining rooms, as well as bedrooms. At the ground level, there is also a modern garage.

This incredible carroll house shows how people can create something beautiful, comfortable, and eco-friendly without wasting neither time nor money. Who knows, maybe, in the near future, it will turn into a new trend?

What do you think about this unusual carroll house? Would you like to live in a home-made of cargo containers? Leave a comment below and don't forget to share this amazing story with your friends and family.