Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen: The Famous Actresses Managed To Build Their Own Fashion Empire From Scratch

Date November 21, 2017

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, otherwise known as the Olsen twins, once were the most popular Hollywood actresses. They started their acting career even before they turned one and continued to star throughout their childhood and adolescence. At the age of 21, the sisters already were millionaires and even made it to the Forbes' list of the richest women in entertainment.


Hollywood career

When the girls were just 6-month-old, they were cast for a role of the little Michelle Tanner in Full House. They both played Michelle up until the show was canceled in 1995. Then, there were countless TV films, direct-to-video movies, and TV series. Pretty soon, the Olsen twins became extremely popular and were releasing one movie after another.

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The 2004's New York Minute was the last movie to star both sisters. In 2011, Mary-Kate appeared in her last film – Daniel Barnz' Beastly.

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In 2012, the legendary Olsen twins confirmed that they both quit acting for good. The sisters did not change their mind even to join the cast of Fuller House – the spin-off of the show that once made them so popular.

Business success

The year of 2004 was a turning point for the girls. That year, the sisters went to NYU and released the last film starring both of them. Mary-Kate, who turned out to have an eating disorder, also entered rehab.

However, the most important event of that year for then 18-year-old sisters was gaining legal control over Dualstar Entertainment Group, their own production company.


Soon, both girls dropped the college and focused on getting their education first-hand, through building their own empire. What started as a personal challenge for Ashley, who wanted to create a perfect T-shirt, led to the creation of two massive fashion lines: The Row in 2006 and Elizabeth and James in 2007. The Row was honored with three CDFA so far.

In 2015, the WSJ Magazine also recognized the young designers by naming them the Fashion Innovators of the Year. Also, they are the members of CDFA since 2009.

Personal life

The girls pretty much ended their public life the moment they decided to quit acting for good. Today, none of the sisters is present on any of the social media, and their personal life remains secret most of the time.

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Big fashion events are one of a few places where you can spot the famous twins together. At some of these events, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen even appear with their little sister Elizabeth, who is also an actress.

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Mary-Kate Olsen already has a family of her own: in 2015, she married a French banker Oliver Sarkozy. She is now a step-mother to Oliver's kids from the first marriage.

People may still remember them as the cute twin actresses they once were. But today, these two amazing, talented young women are the real-life examples of the success that was earned by years of hard work and dedication to their cause.

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