Impressive Power And Astonishing Beauty Of Electrical Storms: How Everything Works

Date December 5, 2017

When a bright electrical sparkle lights the dark-clouded sky in the middle of the storm, the picture is simply breathtaking. No surprise that ancient Greeks considered their main god – Zeus – being a master of lightning. And even today, the nature of this fascinating phenomenon is not fully explored.


What are electrical storms?

When there is a powerful storm outside, it is usually accompanied by two things: a lightning and thunder. However, in some cases, myriads of sparkles may light the sky in a complete silence.

The electrical storm does not occur every time it rains outside. When the storm is still far away and there is no rain or even strong wind, you can still see bright sparkles appearing somewhere in the middle of a cloud.

How electrical storms work?

The most popular explanation sees the different layers of the clouds as large capacitors. The trick is that the lower layers are negatively charged, while the upper layers have a positive charge. Between these differently changed areas, a buildup of energy occurs, which later results in a powerful electrical storm.

The rising moisture and temperature differences in lower and upper layers of the clouds develop a charge separation needed for creating a lightning.

What security measures to take during an electrical storm?

While a lightning storm is a fabulous performance, it may be harmful and dangerous. So, you'd better make sure to follow these simple rules whenever there is a storm outside:

  • hide inside a building or a vehicle during a storm;
  • do not ever hide underneath a tree because the chances of it getting stroked by a lightning are very high;
  • do not use any electrical devices such as cell phones or TV during a strong lightning storm.

And always remember: while being impressively beautiful, electrical storms are incredibly powerful and should be taken seriously all the time.

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