3 Iconic Fonzie Catchphrases People Use Even 30 Years After The End Of The Show

Date December 6, 2017 18:40

Happy Days is one of the most famous TV shows of all times. Launched back in 1974, it ran for 11 full seasons and brought us some of the most memorable characters, and Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, usually called just “Fonzie” or The Fonz,” surely is one of the main faces of the series.

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He was a vivid picture of what considered to be cool and outstanding and invented a few catchy words that are widely used even now. And today, we will tell you more about three of the most famous catchphrases invented by the legendary Fonzie.

1. Exactamundo


Exactamundo was one of the most commonly used words that seemed to sound Spanish (even though they were not). However, Fonzie used lots of epithets with the suffix intensifier -amundo: congratsamundo, coolamundo, dumpamundo, and so on. In all cases, this strange construction was meant to add more colors to the original work and make it sound more expressive.

2. Sit on it!


This phrase is like a calling card of the entire show. Invented by the sitcom's producer Bob Brunner, it is most likely an alteration of the phrase sit and spin, suggests Mental Floss.

3. Fonzie


While being a nickname for Happy Days' most popular character, “Fonzie” is also a catchphrase used to describe a person as “cool.”

Curiously, we might have never get this one if the creators of the show did not change the name of the character at the last moment. In the beginning, Arthur was supposed to have a different surname and, therefore, a different nickname – Masciarelli and “the Mash” correspondingly.

Raising to prominence


Fonzie had a huge effect not only on the fans of Happy Days but also on the actor who played the role of Henry Winkler. At first, the show creators saw the Fonz as a minor character but soon after the show aired, the charming biker became one of the main faces of the series.

This role earned Henry Winkler two Golden Globe statues and three nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards. It also gave a great start to his Hollywood career. Over the years, the man became quite successful in multiple areas, from acting to screenwriting to producing.

However, Fonzie from Happy Days will always be his most recognizable work. After all, the sitcom dedicated to the routine life of Americans back in the 1950s is one of the most iconic TV shows in history.

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