Matchstick Puzzle: Forming The Smallest Possible Number With Matches

Date February 5, 2018

Matchsticks are often used to teach kids numbers and some simple geometry. They also make up for a great puzzle material. Moreover, brain teasers with matches help children to develop thinking and alternative ways of problem solving.


However, in our case, there is only one correct answer.

Here is a number with digits made with matchsticks. It’s the highest number you can possibly create with this set of matches, and your goal is to get the lowest possible number after you remove any three matchsticks.

We believe this one can be solved by almost anybody; the question is how many attempts you’ll need to get to the bottom of it.

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If you are having troubles with removing those sticks in your head...


Try to recreate what you see on the picture in the real life. It should be much easier that way. If you have kids around you right now, you can ask them to join you. They will probably be glad to spend a few minutes with you, figuring out the answer.


Okay, this is not some intricate puzzle that needs a solution, but just to make sure, here it is.

Despite the fact that puzzles with matches are a great way to check brain sharpness, they are becoming less and less popular every year.


Solving puzzles with matches is an excellent way of spending time. In addition, puzzles with matches train the memory and develop a spatial imagination.

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