25 Years Later: Lessons From Michael Douglas' Film "Falling Down" Are Still Very Relevant Today

Date March 2, 2018 14:44

The film, Falling Down, is still a fan favorite 25 years after it was released. In a Facebook, post to mark the anniversary of its release, Michael Douglas called the movie one of the best of his career.

A bad day goes haywire.

The veteran actor played the lead in this film about the daily frustrations of urban life. His character, an unemployed defense engineer called William “D-Fens” Foster loses his mind and goes on a shooting and vandalization spree.

He starts off as an average, decent guy. By the end of the movie, the frustrations of his daily life in Los Angeles and the interactions he has with people who are equally frustrated, push him over the edge. He takes up arms and becomes a one-man army against the world.

Douglas considers the movie one of his favorites because it spoke to the social and political events that were happening in its time.

"I don’t see him as a good character to live up to."

The film was released in 1993 when there were riots in Los Angeles after police officers were caught on video beating an LA taxi driver, Rodney King. People took notice because of the film because of its cultural significance.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, the screenwriter, Ebbe Roe Smith, said of Douglas’ character:

I’ve always thought that D-Fens was racist, but that he kind of didn’t know he was. He added, I don’t see him as a good character to live up to.

Ebbe Roe Smith is also known for his 1986 film, The Big Easy.

“March for our lives.”

For most people who love this movie, it is tricky to determine if they think of the character as a hero.

For some of them, it is a film that was relatable. It made people understand how important mental health is.

Michael Douglas / Facebook

Michael Douglas / Facebook

Michael Douglas / Facebook

Some others consider it one of Michael Douglas’ best roles.

Michael Douglas / Facebook

Others cannot get over his line delivery.

Michael Douglas / Facebook

Given the recent mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School, this film about gun violence is just as relevant in 2018 as it was in 1993.

When it was released, it first made people identify with the struggles of Michael Douglas’ character and his mental health issues, now people are divided. They are also questioning America’s gun laws.


Just less than a month after the anniversary of this classic film, on March 24, survivors of the mass shooting in Florida will lead a demonstration to protest America’s gun laws. They have tagged it “March for Our Lives.”

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