Here's What You Need To Know About Shopping For The Right Avocado And Making The Most Of Leftovers

Date April 24, 2018 09:06

Depending on where you live, an avocado can go from being a regular fruit to a prized possession, depending on varying costs.

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Don't waste another avocado...

Wasting a good avocado to misjudgment can be disappointing, to say the least.  Everyone has experienced slicing open a soft avocado in anticipation, only to find a souring mush inside.

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But, there are ways to tell when an avocado is perfectly ripe. According to Seattle-based food and gardening blog, Northwest Edible Life, the secret lies in the stem just on top of the avocado.

All you need to do is to peel back the cap. If it comes away easily and you find green underneath, you've got a good one.

For any other fruit?

As far as other fruits go, there are easy ways to get the best whether you are shopping at a grocery store or farmers market.


Apples are best when they are deeply colored and firm.

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If you get them bright yellow, eat right away. Or get green ones to ripen at home.

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Lemons and Limes

Choose fruits that are fragrant and the heaviest for their size.

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If it is a little soft to the touch and fragrant near the stem end, it's good.

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If it is heavy for their size with firm, smooth skins, you're choosing right. For Mandarin oranges, make sure the skin is firm, not shriveled.

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Thump first. If it sounds hollow then it's just ripe. A properly ripened watermelon should have a yellow spot on one side, where it sat on the ground.

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Making lemonade from lemons, kind of

Back to avocados and the conundrum of keeping them from going to waste after eating to your heart's content. It has been said that people never get tired of avocados, once they are in guacamole form.

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The dip is moreish and is a great way to extend the life of your avocado.

Want to make one, but have never tried it before? Here's a quick recipe:

1. Ripe and soft avocados.

2. Tomato (firm).

3. White onion (chopped).

4. 1/2 cup chopped cilantro.

5. Fresh lemon or lime juice.

6. Salt and pepper (at option).


Cut your avocado in halves, length-wise. Make a mash of its content as desired and then stir in all other ingredients. You can eat the whole thing right away or store some of it in the fridge.

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