Is Bra Washing A Nightmare For You? A Good Old Salad Spinner Might Be The Game Changer You Need

Date April 23, 2018

As tiny as they are, bras can be difficult pieces of clothing to handle. No one talks about this because well, everybody is busy figuring out their cup size and what to do with the many types of bras out there in the world.


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The problem with bra washing

Bras may be complicated, but the real devil is washing them. No matter how long you have used bras, when it comes to washing, it almost seems to never get better.


Washing machines help a great deal, yes, but a session or two in the dryer can leave your bra worse for wear. Especially if these are the ones specified for hand washing on the label. Note: Do not go against label instructions.

While washing bras can be a pain, there is an easy way to wash bras that has been right in your face all along. In fact it is so easy it looks almost ridiculous.

Do you own a salad spinner?

It's time to put your salad spinner to good use, because it turns out, those things are great for washing bras. All you need to get to work is some detergent and a spoon.

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1. Get a liquid detergent preferably and then begin. Put some water into the bowl of the salad spinner until it is about one fifth full. Then add the detergent. One third of a tea spoon will get the job done.

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2. Throw your bra in, preferably one at a time. Pro tip: Don't imitate the movement of a washing machine's agitator.

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Don't spin continuously in a circular motion. It's best to alternate the direction and turn with medium speed.

4 Pour the soapy water out, add fresh water and rinse again. Do a couple of times until all the soap is out.

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5. Finally, spin the bra to partly dry it. You can do this twice or thrice and then remove excess water using the drain of the salad spinner.

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Apparently, you could use the same one?

Here's the deal. If storage space is an issue for you, the same spinner can serve you for both salad and bras. However, this is not medically certified and there might be health risks to this.


But, all you need to do really is dry according to the instructions on the label. If it says dry flat, then find a flat surface and place your spun dry bra on a towel atop this surface to dry. Otherwise, you can hang out to dry.

Good luck with washing your bra. And keep a separate salad spinner for your bras! Do not use it for the salad again!

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