Ageless Beauty, Jamie Lee Curtis, To Star In Another 'Halloween' Franchise 40 Years After The First Film Was Released

Date November 24, 2017

Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1953. The actress and author began building her acting career in 1978 after her debut in the movie Halloween where she played Laurie Strode.

Curtis was born into Hollywood royalty. Her father was the actor Tony Curtis and her mother, Janet Leigh, was an actress. Up until her death in October 2004, Janet Leigh received a lot of attention for her ageless beauty and it seems her genes have been passed on to Curtis.

Halloween Reboot

Nearly 40 years after the first movie was released, plans for a reboot is currently underway. Curtis would also be a part of the cast of the movie that brought her fame in 1978. According to IMDB, John Carpenter, who directed the first film would be an executive producer this time around.

The new 'Halloween' will reportedly be set in an alternate reality which picks up after the first film.

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In 1978, Curtis played the part of Laurie Strode, a teenage babysitter, in the movie. The horror film tells the story of a young man who terrorizes a hometown and kills a group of teenagers one by one until Laurie steps in.


Since the movie was released, a few more films in the franchise followed. Curtis was a part of the first two and one in 1998 titled 'Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later.' In the latter, she featured with her mother Janet Leigh, the original scream queen from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Our beautiful mother, gone this day too many years ago. Adding to the sadness of these hard days of loss and longing.

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Four years later, Curtis reprised her role in Halloween: Resurrection. People thought it would be her last since she seemingly died in the film.

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Now she is returning once more to the franchise that made her a star. She announced this via her Twitter page on September 15.

"Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween," she said in the tweet.

In the new film, Laurie Strode will have her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked man who has haunted her for four decades. Long-time fans of the movie can expect to see it next year Halloween.

Halloween Beauty