6 Awesome Wedding Dance Performances

Date December 5, 2017

Weddings are truly amazing for many reasons. First, being able to witness how a couple celebrates and proclaims their love for one another can be very magical. Then, there come all other fun activities that truly lighten the mood and leave smiles on everyone's face. The wedding dance is one of them.

Wedding dances can come in different forms. A parent can dance with a bride/groom, a bride/groom can surprise each other with great performances, or they can both impress their guests with a choreographed move they have been secretly practicing for months. The point is, when it comes to wedding dances, the options are basically unlimited.

Thanks to the internet and camera phones, some of these special dance moments have been recorded, and a lot of them have gone viral online. A quick online search should provide you with an endless supply of heart-melting, rib-cracking, and incredibly mind-blowing dance moves at weddings. Check out some of our favorite ones below.

Parent/Child dances

Parents and kids can also have a good time at weddings. They could dance with a bride and groom or even on their own. Regardless, they take the spotlight very often.

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Mikayla and her father

This video has been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube, and when you decide to watch it, you will definitely see why. Mikayla's and her dad's dance started out normal and predictable, then out of nowhere, the music changed and guests as well as viewers saw an epic dance performance.

Ashley and David

Again, another video that went viral with over 21 million views. The concept is similar to the one above and just as awesome. Be sure to check it out.

Kids having fun

Sometimes, it's not just the bride and groom that get all the attention at the wedding. Kids love to have fun too, and we are loving these little cuties. They are out there on the dance floor, showing us how it's done.

Mother-son wedding dance

Who says it's only daddies and their daughters that can rock cool moves on the dance floor. This mother-son dance is beautiful.

The best surprises

Sometimes, the memorable moments of a person's wedding day are the ones they just did not plan for.

Bride and bridesmaid surprise dance performance

The groom witnessed an unforgettable moment when his bride and her bridesmaids came out to the dance floor and moved to Beyoncé’s Baby Boy.

Groom and groomsmen performance

In this case, it was the groom that stepped up. He and his groomsmen entertained the bride with a performance to Chris Brown's Forever.

So, if you would like to make your wedding unforgettable, both for your partner and for the guests, you may want to consider incorporating dance. As you can see from the videos above, it's guaranteed to leave everyone wanting more.

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