Clayne Crawford: The Ordinary Family Life Of A True Hollywood Hero

Date December 12, 2017

While most actors and entertainers are immersed in the fame and all the glamorous possibilities it offers, Clayne Crawford is more focused on his family. In fact, he was about to give up the role of a lifetime when it seemed like it would affect his needs to be there for his wife and kids.

Clayne Crawford's pursuit of fame

In 1996, Clayne Crawford was, like most hopeful actors, doing everything he could to make it big in Hollywood. It was not an easy experience. Fortunately, he was able to get several guest roles, which made him famous to some degree. People saw that he had potential and this was proven in 2003, when he was named the 'One to Watch' at the Young Hollywood Award.

However, all the attention did not last long. Despite his roles and his acting skills, he never really got that role of a lifetime. The biggest role he had then was being a series regular on the TV drama, Rectify.

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Clayne Crawford's life as a family man

Despite the challenges with his career, Crawford was very happy with his life. In 2004, he married Sunshine Kiki Brown. Together, they have two children, Joey and Colton. In addition to Brown's daughter, Abby, who she had from a previous marriage, Crawford has three kids.

Family day. Content. Candid.

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Crawford is very proud of his family. In fact, on his Instagram page, you will see several pictures of him and his children. He worked on his family farm in Alabama and was pretty content as a father.

The Boys

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In a Chagit promo video fans got a glimpse into Crawford's life on the farm. The actor described his joy of being able to raise his kids outside the glitz and glam of Hollywood. The video featured the actor playing with his sons, feeding animals, and just embracing the simple life.

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His rise to fame

When producers were casting actors to play the role of Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon reboot, they experienced some challenges. Mel Gibson was fantastic in the role when he was in the main cast many years ago and the producers wanted to make sure they found the right person to do the part justice.

Producers approached Crawford after seeing how great he was in Baytown Outlaws. However, the actor declined as he was perfectly content with his life on the family farm.

Thankful for our fans. Yeah, you...thanks for watching. #lethalafseason2

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said that he passed on the role initially because he "was not in a place to read anything new." He was encouraged to rethink his decision and hours later, he accepted.


Now, Crawford stars along with Damon Wayans in Lethal Weapon, a show which premiered on September 21, 2016.


You ready for season 2? Days away..

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The show has made the Crawford more popular than ever, but despite that, he is still very much invested in being a family man and being there for his kids. This, we think, makes him a real-life hero.

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