Tom Jones And His Wife: A Story Of Love, Humiliation, Heartbreak, And Undying Devotion

Date December 18, 2018

Tom Jones, a Welsh singer, has enjoyed a thriving career spanning six decades. He emerged on the scene in the mid-1960s and has entertained fans with many of his top hits. His powerful voice has been described as a "full-throated, robust baritone."

Tom Jones and Melinda Rose

The singer's love story with Melinda (popularly referred to as Linda) began when they were both teenagers. They started dating when Linda was 15, and since then, through his many infidelities, they stayed together until her death in 2016. The couple had one son together.

From his autobiography, which was published by Michael Joseph in October 2015, we got a rare glimpse into what happened behind the scenes of their marriage.


Linda, who tried to stay away from the spotlight for the better part of Tom's career, once talked about her undying love and devotion to her husband. "I feel alive when he comes through the door, whatever the time of day or night it is."

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While she stayed home waiting for her beloved to return, Tom Jones was living the life of a megastar. His different affairs with many women constantly made the news, but Linda stuck by her husband and never walked out on their marriage. She lived anonymously and never even attended her husband's concerts.

After his autobiography was released, Jones held nothing back when he began making appearances to promote the book. He said in interviews that Linda had "lost her spark." He also said she was agoraphobic.

Even though his words made it sound like he did not like his wife very much, Jones maintained that she still made him happy, albeit usually when they are on the phone.

When you’re face-to-face with somebody, you realise that time has gone on, but when you’re on the phone we’re both young again. We haven’t aged on the phone. You’re not looking at one another, I’m looking at an old picture I carry around with me and leave by the bed.


Tom Jones' colleagues at the BBC where he appeared for four years on The Voice reportedly said the singer never talked about his wife, not even once in all those years. Several sources who opened up to the press about the couple's lifestyle revealed that Linda was always so insecure and was even once reported to have told a friend that she never felt good enough to be married to him.

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Linda's death

In April 2016, it was announced that Linda Woodward had passed away. She was 76 at the time. She dies in a Los Angeles hospital after a short but fierce’ battle with cancer, the official statement said.

In her final week, Jones cancelled his concert to be with her. There were even songs that he may never sing again.

A few months before she died, Jones was on Jonathan Ross TV show where he said that many of his songs reminded him of her. Speaking about 'Take My Love,' one of his hits, he said:

[Take My Love] reminds me of the time when my wife and myself... were teenagers, we used to go dancing a lot in the dance halls in South Wales so that’s the sort of stuff we would jive to and we still have a jive now.

Despite their chaotic love life and his many instances of infidelity, Jones maintained that he loved his wife very much.

Tom Jones songs

Even though he was not the perfect husband, over the years, Tom Jones was dedicated to his singing career and was able to churn out many hits. Some of his most popular songs were:

  • It's Not Unusual;
  • What's New Pussycat;
  • Green Green Grass Of Home;
  • Delilah;
  • I'll Never Fall In Love Again;
  • Love Me Tonight;
  • Thunderball;
  • Kiss;
  • Tower Of Song;
  • Mama Told Me Not To Come.

While some people might say that his marriage was less than ideal, what is clear to see is that these were two people who loved each other regardless of circumstances. It becomes up to an individual person to determine if this type of love is not suitable for them.

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