Dog Tried To Eat Her Puppy After Delivery, But He's Got A New And Unexpected Adopted Family

Date January 31, 2018

Nicolas is a little white pitbull who was just over one week old when his mother tried to eat him, after eating 3 of his siblings. His rescue story goes to show that families don’t have to match, and babies don’t have to look like their mothers in order to be loved.

Little Nicolas was one of 8 pit bull puppies and for some very strange reason, his mom ate 3 of his sibling and was in the process of eating him too but, luckily, the puppy was saved. Unfortunately, she chewed his paw off, so his prognosis wasn’t very positive.

Ale Oviedo, the owner of 6 cats and 3 dogs, decided to give this little pup a new family. The cats were happy to welcome a new member and adopted him as their own.

Ale took care of the little bundle of fur, feeding him every 3 hours and changing his bandage every day. The cats were helping as well, they were often found cuddling with their adopted son.

With time, after so much love and care that was given to the puppy, he turned into a happy dog.

The question remains: why would mother dog eat her young?

There are many reasons for that. Some inexperienced mother dogs can simply not recognize their puppies, especially if they had cesarean sections. Also, mastitis, which is the inflammation of the mother dog’s teats, can make her feel so much pain when her young start to suckle, so she can reject her babies or even get aggressive towards them.


Moreover, if mother dog gives birth to an unhealthy puppy, her instinct to protect the healthy young can kick in, so she can try to remove it from her nest or sometimes even kill it.


It doesn’t happen very often to domestic animals but nonetheless, when your pet gives birth, it’s better to pay full attention to her.

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