French Nun's Recovery Is Declared As 70th Lourdes Miracle

Date February 13, 2018

The case of a French nun’s recovery from the old back problem that prevented her from walking and required her to use a wheelchair has been recognized as the 70th miracle at France's legendary holy place, the Sanctuary of Lourdes.

Sister Bernadette Moriau, born in northern France, visited the shrine in 2008. She was 69 at that time and was suffering from immense pain. Moriau was hoping for a magical cure just as the millions of other pilgrims who travel to Lourdes every year.

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When she came back home, her chronic sciatica or pinched spinal nerve, completely disappeared for the very first time since she received an unpromising diagnose at the age of 27.

Sister Bernadette had four unsuccessful operations on her spinal column and was declared fully disabled in 1980. One of her feet was twisted, which required her to wear a brace and use a wheelchair. She also had to take, as she said, a lot of morphine for pain.

Moriau‘s Catholic parish in Beauvais made a statement on her recovery:

She experienced an unusual feeling of relaxation and heat in the whole of her body (and) heard a voice telling her to take off her equipment, the corset and the leg brace.

After that, she immediately got rid of her braces and morphine, and a few days later, she took a 5-kilometer walk.


The nun was examined by doctors in Lourdes, and they made a conclusion that Moriau's recovery could not be explained scientifically.

The medical committee's president Alessandro de Franciscis told:

Sister Bernadette Moriau now has a perfectly normal life. She is in very good health and herself visits the sick on a regular basis.

Recently, a French bishop declared that the nun’s recovery was the 70th miracle that happened at the world-famous pilgrimage site. The last act of divine intervention at Lourdes was marked in 2013.

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