Was Princess Diana A Good Mom? Her Sons Open Up About Her Parenting Methods

Date January 29, 2018

In the upcoming HBO documentary called Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, Prince William and Prince Harry for the first time are talking about their mother as a parent. In a short promo clip, Prince Harry describes her as “one of the naughtiest parents.

Every time a word about Princess Diana comes out of their mouth, it becomes clear how much her sons love her and what an extraordinary effect she has on them. Prince William describes how she was very far from formal in terms of parenting style, and how she enjoyed laughter and having fun with them when they were little.

She wanted to show her sons that there was life outside the Palace.

Prince Harry shares that they were growing up in a very loving environment provided by their mom, calling her “the best in the world.

Prince William reveals an important thing that he was taught by his parents.

Some of my earliest memories relate to times that my parents spoke to me or – even better – showed me what it mean to have both privilege and responsibilities.

He talks about values that were installed in him and the way he was brought up:

Without my realising it, what my parents were doing was instilling in me and Harry a lifelong habit to put charity at the heart of our lives.

The kings and queens can be admired, put on a pedestal, considered as role models; but there is one thing they are not so good at, and it is parenting. The royal protocol dictates not only the way one should act in public, but also the way one should raise children, which often resulted in emotionally unavailable parents.

In 1940-50s, having a physical contact with children and being warm towards them was considered harmful to their development.

But Princess Diana didn’t follow traditional norms. She managed to have a very close relationship with her sons. Her children were a priority to her, which gave William and Harry the feeling of security and confidence.

Now Prince William, a father of two and with a third baby on its way, takes a more relaxed approach in raising his children.

He’s trying to be more involved in their lives, which is, no doubt, the result of his mom’s positive influence.

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