Stray Cat Accepts Food Only In Small Plastic Bags To Share It With Her Kitten

Date February 5, 2018 15:20

There are numerous examples when volunteers notice something strange in the behavior of stray cats, but this time, it was more than something special.

Mysterious ginger cat

During five years, a Korean woman from a local pet shelter has distributed food among stray cats in her neighborhood.

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It isn’t surprising that a woman bonded with a lot of them; however, there was one that dragged her attention immediately. A ginger cat didn’t want to take the proposed food but still continued to return to the place of distributing.

Creepy World / YouTube

The woman tried everything until accidentally she saw how the determined cat took an entire bag of food and disappeared in an unknown direction.

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Little ginger family

That happened a few more times until the entire community of volunteers decided to reveal the mystery of that ginger cat.

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They secretly followed the animal to the place where the animal stopped and seemed like waited for someone. Just a few moments later, they finally found out the heartwarming reason for such behavior – the cat was actually a mother, and she brought food to her little kitten.


Fortunate outcome

The volunteers decided to help the family find their true home. First, they brought a blanket and soon, people asked the locals about the situation.

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As it turned out, there were five kittens, but due to the harsh living conditions, only one managed to survive.

Currently, the animals are located in the shelter, waiting for their future family to adopt them.

Source: Creepy World

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