Tammy Wynette And George Jones: They Made Great Music Together, But Their Marriage Wasn't A Fairytale

Date February 2, 2018 12:55

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth, but sometimes, it carries with it pain. Such is the case of Tammy Wynette, the crowned queen of country music.

In her search for love, she lost the rarest treasure - the gift of life.

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The love story of Tammy Wynette

Tammy never wanted anything more than to be with her Romeo, namely a person who would protect her as well as take care of her just like old-fashioned women wanted.

George, whom she got married to on the other hand, wanted to be free as a bird to pursue his life’s interest and passion.

And as fate would have it, they both found a home in music. In fact, they were unanimously enthroned as the monarch of country music.

However, George was not able to meet Tammy's needs. Divorce became the only viable option.

The “Stand By Your Man” songstress went into a number of unhappy marriages after that. All of them took a devastating toll on herself and the child she had with George.

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Her last marriage to Richey was, however, her undoing. Her new husband took over her career as well as physically abused her. While at it, he threatened to expose her secret struggles with substance abuse if she dared to leave him.

Later, Tammy became a bankrupt and died due to an overdose of prescription drugs.

Tammy Wynette: one of the best females in the history of country music

The singer who was born in 1947 started her career in 1966 and rose to fame in the same year with the release of her song 'Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad'. Her other chart-topping singles include 'Good Loving', 'The Wonders You Perform', 'Kids Say The Darndest Things' and others.

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Following her divorce in 1975, the singer released a song titled 'Til I Can Make It On My Own', which talks about her divorce and her moving on. The song topped the US country singles chart at No.1. Wynette still sang with Jones after their divorce until the mid-1990s.

Wynette won a lot of awards throughout her career and was referred to as one of the women who shaped female country music.

Georgette Jones: A music prodigy

Georgette, her daughter, was aged four at the time her parents divorced. And now, she has published a book titled, The Three Of Us: Growing Up With Tammy And George.

In there, she reveals the bittersweet experience of her life as the couple’s child. Initially, she wouldn’t pursue a career in music due to the ugly realities of her parent’s life. And instead, she favored the nursing profession. However, she ditched that in 2009 to pursue music full time.

The upside to this is that father and daughter have since reunited and maintained a warm relationship.

Love is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget. - Alysha Speer

For all the tales of love that end in woe and distress, there are countless more that end in a lifetime of rapturous bliss.

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On our part, we choose to believe in the happy ever kind of love, and we hope you continue to believe in this as well.

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