Amazingly, Baby Walks Minutes After Birth: Med Staff Cruelty Or Just A Normal Bodily Reaction?

Date January 30, 2018

Astonishment is what you feel when a newborn begins to walk while still being held by the midwife who helped to deliver him.

Unusual happenings like this are what makes us remember that we live in a supernatural world where miracles still happen.

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Who would have thought that an infant could take her first few steps of life right after delivery?

About the video

The midwife, still decked out in her green scrubs and mask, was holding onto the newborn. She, on the other hand, ever so unbelievably took those first few steps that are usually expected between 9 to 12 months. As she stared on in awe, the midwife said:

Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!

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With every coo and word of encouragement from the medical team who helped to deliver her, she kept walking. It is astounding the amount of strength present in that tiny body to have enabled her to pull this off.

Stepping reflex

It has been established that kids are born with more than 70 reflexes. Some of them disappear in the first couple of months, while others are replaced with more intentional behaviors.

The stepping reflex is demonstrated when you hold your baby upright with its feet touching a solid surface. The child will start lifting its feet one after the other, as though it was walking.


In describing this reflex, Alyson Shaw, a pediatric consultant at Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, says there is really no biologically known explanation for this.

It is rather interesting to see the baby demonstrating this without being prompted to do so.

Other interesting baby reflexes


Here are 3 common reflexes your little bundle of joy was born with.

1. Grasp that finger.

To test this reflex, simply touch your newborn’s palm and watch the response you get.

Often times, the child will grab your finger as if to say 'I won’t let you go'.


2. Opening mouth reflex.

When you stroke a newborn’s cheek, it will turn towards the side of the touch with its mouth open!

This is considered one of the survival reflexes as it helps babies find and latch onto the nipple.

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3. Moro reflex.

This is another survival reflex. It happens when you lay your baby on its back abruptly. Particularly when there is an accompanying loud noise, the child will throw arms and feet forward as if to say, 'Please, take me out of here quickly'.


According to psychologists, this reflex has important uses.

It's such a sight to see this girl walking just moments after birth, and we are sure you will find it fascinating, to say the least.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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