Stunning Resemblance Between Kitty Spencer And Her Aunt, The Late Princess Diana Of Wales

Date December 14, 2017

Most of us remember Princess Diana who passed away on August 31, 1997. Even in death, she remains as famous as ever. Well, it turns out her little niece is all grown up now and looks exactly like the late Princess.

What an honour! Walking for @dolcegabbana #DGSecretShow #DGMillennials ????????????????

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Kitty Spencer a younger version of her aunt

The resemblance between Lady Kitty Spencer and Princess Diana is so uncanny and hard to miss.

Kitty Spencer who is the daughter of Earl Spencer, Diana’s younger brother was only six years old when her aunt died. And twenty years later, people can’t help but see the late princess in Kitty. It’s amazing how she looks just like her aunt.


The beautiful blue eyes and brains of Lady D. in Kitty Spencer

With her big blue eyes and her thick blonde locks, Lady Kitty’s resemblance to her aunt will give you a run for your money. Not only did Kitty inherit her aunt’s good genes, she is also an activist just like her aunt was.

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A mini Lady D.

With the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, people around the world are reminiscing about her life; her kindness, and beauty.

And they can’t help but compare the uncanny resemblance between both ladies. Kitty has grown to share an incredible likeness and effortless elegance like her aunt once did.

Also following in her aunt’s footsteps, Kitty also supports charitable organizations and lends helping hand when the need arises. Although she might not be an actual princess in the real sense of the word, she is literally a princess. A trip to her Instagram page will tell you the rest.

Princess Diana