DIY Tips: What One Should Do When Wrapping Wet Hair In A Towel Creates Problems


January 19, 2018 10:58 By Fabiosa

So, you just had a most refreshing hair wash, especially since you have been putting off cleansing that tangled your hair. With your favorite Katy Perry song playlist blaring from your smartphone, you have your scalp lathered up; gently scrubbing through and through before you rinse it out to reveal that rewarding glow you anticipated.

Towel not wrapping your hair.

You think nothing could go wrong in this bliss, only to get to the part of wrapping your hair, but the towel just does not stay wrapped around your head.


The thought of going to use the hairdryer totters around your right ear for a minute, while the thought of wishing you were a guy hovers around your left. Such annoyance can be rather tasking, considering you are a stickler for perfection.

We understand how riled up you are already feeling, but there is a way out of that pesky situation. We whipped up a genius move you can do at no cost to get your towel to stay in place. You will need to get a few basic supplies though.


Get these supplies

  • towel;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • a piece of band.

Step by step process

1. Fold the towel into two equal halves and measure a mark, say 5cm, at one end using a ruler, and then about 20cm at the other end.

2. Cut the folded towel from the lower marked end to the other graduated end, horizontal-wise, to create a rhomboid shape without any shape edges.

3. Get the piece of band into a loop and attach it to the inner side of the cut-out towel before you sew across the entire open end of the towel. Make sure that the looped end of the band is sticking out of the stitched clothing at this time.

4. At the longer end of the towel, using your needle and thread, sew a button at the base of the towel.

Congratulations you have your own DIY pin-down towel for your hair. Go ahead, try it on and wave your irritation goodbye.

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