"I Owe It All To You" - Was Robert Downey's Tribute To Stan Lee At His 95th Birthday

Date January 1, 2018

Just yesterday was the birthday of Stan Lee, the legend of comic books and entertainment for many decades now. As expected, congratulatory messages have been coming in from left, right and center.

Fans and individuals who have been greatly touched by his work over the years have taken to social media channels to send their birthday wishes to the icon. And the celebrities aren’t left out in the show.


Robert Downey’s Instagram Post

The multi-award winning actor feels very grateful to the now 95-year-old executive producer, Stan Lee. He took to his Instagram page to share a special birthday wish where he notably said:

“Happy Birthday sir … I owe it all to you … Much love and respect”

Of course, several of his own fans joined the train to wish Stan a great 95th birthday

Robert And Stan Have Been Friends For A Long Time

The 52-year-old actor has a long-standing history and rapport with Stan after working together on several projects.


It is reported that when Robert Downey was cast as Tony Stark for Iron Man, most people doubted he could pull off the role. But when asked about his ability to deliver on the role, Stan Lee said:

“That man was born to be Iron Man, you know? He’d be on the top of the list,”

Now, we can put two and two together and figure out why Robert would say “I owe it all to you”

Other Celebrities Wishing Him Happy Birthday

Of course, other celebrities have joined the train to express their deepest desires to Stan. The celebrities wishing him well on his 95th birthday include Chris Evans, Jason R Moore, Kevin Feige and several others.

In celebrating him, stars of Avengers have christened Stan Lee “the one and only”

We wish Stan Lee a very Happy Birthday and more years of fruitful living ahead.

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