Love Story Of Alan And Denise Jackson: Despite All Life Challenges, They Are Still Together

Date December 20, 2017

Alan and Denise Jackson are a true example of a good couple. Their union proves that mutual respect and love can help overcome all obstacles and life challenges. These persons not only love each other after 38 years of marriage but also have common interests and passion.


Alan and Denise Jackson

Born on October 17th, 1958 in Georgia, Alan Eugene Jackson is an American singer and songwriter. The country music star is most notable for his hit album 'A Lot About Livin'.

Ever since Alan launched his music career, it's been one great hit after another. His wife Denise Jackson, on the other hand, is an accomplished writer as well as an actress who is known for Alan Jackson: Good Time (2008) and The View (1997). Denise Jackson was born in 1960 in Newman, Georgia.


Their incredible love story

On December, 15th 1979, Alan Jackson married to his wife Denise Jackson at the Newman Baptist Church in Georgia, where they both grew up. Prior to their wedding, Alan and Denise were childhood sweethearts.

After six years of marriage, they left their hometown and moved to Nashville, so Alan could pursue his music career as a country singer. While working as a flight attendant, Denise went to Glen Campbell and told him all about her husband. She actually helped her husband make his first recording contract.

And just like every other celebrity marriages, there is no fame without drama attached to the marriage. In 1998, after becoming parents to three wonderful children, Denise and Alan separated for four months.


But for the love they have for each other and commitment to their family, they both worked through their issues with the help of therapy and God. That same year, they renewed their marital vows.

Two years after the Jacksons renewed their vows, Denise was diagnosed with cancer. The family was faced with yet another challenge.

When you go along with your life and you think, oh everything is great. I'm in control, and then you come against something that you have absolutely no control over, you have to look for God's hand in it.

After several months of cancer treatment and prayers, Denise came out victorious over cancer, and she has been living cancer free ever since.


38 years and still loving each other

Alan and Denise celebrated their marriage anniversary recently. They have spent 38 years as married couple, and their love just keeps waxing stronger day after day. Despite every hurdle thrown on their way, they came out strong and more in love than ever before. It is possible to say that 'true love conquers everything'.

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