Patrick Dempsey Has A Practical Caregiving Experience. He Took Care Of His Mom Who Struggled With Cancer

Date December 15, 2017

Watching how your loved one overcomes a health challenge is difficult, especially when the illness is terminal. During such a trying time, it is very important to be a source of strength and support to the patient, and that's exactly what Patrick did for his mom when she was battling cancer.

Patrick's mom and her fight with cancer

Amanda Dempsey, the mother of three, was first diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in 1996. Ovarian cancer, which is usually not detected early due to the lack of specific symptoms, is the fifth condition that results in death.


After being diagnosed, Amanda went through a difficult period of chemotherapy, but she was pulled through by the support of her children. As it is common for ovarian cancer, Amanda had a reoccurrence of the disease in 1999.

Battling it the first time was difficult, but the second time, Amanda did not give up and conquered the disease yet again. Despite her cancer battle, Amanda was still a volunteer at a cancer center in her community because she wanted to give back to the community and also help those going through a similar challenge.


Real life experience not just a television series

Patrick Dempsey is best known for playing the role of Dr. Derek Shepard from Grey's Anatomy, his character was loved by all because of his compassion for his patients and his wonderful bedside manners.

Patrick got a lot of experience helping his mother battle cancer a decade before he acted in Grey's Anatomy. Patrick moved back to his hometown of Lewiston in Maine when his mom was first diagnosed with cancer to be her caregiver.


He was there to support his mom both emotionally and physically. He sorted through various options and chose what was best for his mother. He and his sisters were there to keep their mom occupied with indoor activities, such as gardening, throughout her treatment.

I met a doctor who had a really wonderful bedside manner, which I thought fit in with some of the other characters in the show,” Patrick said when he talked about how his experience with his mom affected his role in Grey's Anatomy.

The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing

Patrick Dempsey and his sisters founded the center for cancer hope and healing in 2008 in honor of their mother. The center provides support for cancer patients. The center raises funds to support the patients free of charge.

Survivors of terminal diseases are never the same after the experience, and this is also true for their loved ones. Such experience has the ability to change lives and affect people's view of life.

For the Dempseys, helping their mother battle cancer changed their lives, and they won't forget that experience in a hurry.

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Patrick Dempsey