Lucas, The Cutest Spider In The World, Is The Perfect Cure For Arachnophobia

Date January 30, 2018

Even if spiders rank up there with snakes and rates in your list of fears, you will love this one. Lukas the Spider is little more than an animation test, but he is winning the hearts of many internet users. Some even believe he is the best cure for arachnophobia!

Fighting phobias

In fact, the fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias, affecting people all over the world. More than just a distaste, arachnophobia can cause panic, sometimes even when a person just looks at an image featuring a spider or thinks about it. But arachnids can be not as scary as it may seem, you just need to find a way to deal with the fear of being confronted with them. After all, as Stephen Richards said:

When you explore your fears then you set yourself free.

About its creation

On November 2017, the animator Joshua Slice released a 20-second animated cartoon, in which a fuzzy, hairy, too-many-eyed arachnid greets his viewers, introduces himself, and then jumps off to his web. What makes little Lucas even more adorable is the fact that Joshua’s young nephew did the voice acting.


And those big eyes and quirky movements don’t leave YouTube users indifferent. Actually, people are believed to be drawn to bigger eyes, so the spider pushes all the right buttons, doesn’t he?

Continuation of the series

The video immediately gained popularity, having more than 13 million views. And fans were demanding more Lucas, so Joshua (who also happened to work on some famous cartoons like Zootopia) didn’t keep them waiting and posted some other cute videos of the spider playing in the bathroom sink.

Since Lucas went down the hole at the end of video, its admirers now want the continuation of the series to get to know what happened to him. Some even offered the creator money for creating a series of videos about Lucas' life. And others demand a Pixar feature-length story or least a short film.

We too hope that Lucas’s story will get its continuation since it is certain to be a success.