Despite Being The King Of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley Had To Serve In The Army Like All Young American Men Of That Time

Date January 12, 2018

When Elvis Presley was young, there was still a draft system in the US Army, and he was expected to carry out his military duty. But by that time, he was already a star of numerous movies and had plenty of records, so the fulfillment of the military duty was a bit unusual.

Recruitment and transfer

The army life of the superstar began in March 1958. Without a doubt, it was extremely difficult for the "King of Rock and Roll" to part with his former life, even for short two years. Despite the decision to serve like any other recruit, receiving no special treatment, there was a noisy press conference in Memphis devoted to his transfer.

The excitement did not abate even when he was transferred to Germany for service in October 1958 – crowds of loyal fans followed their idol. Moreover, thousands of pieces of mail were pouring in for the singer. The famous soldier also had to lose his sideburns to the famous G.I. haircut. It really suited him!

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

In the army

Surprisingly, Elvis Presley felt quite comfortable. Well, actually, he did not live in a barracks, but in a separate apartment, and had an opportunity to invite and communicate with relatives and friends. But the superstar performed all the duties that he took upon himself.

Elvis in the Army, 1958 from OldSchoolCool

In fact, some even believed that he did more than required because he did not want to underline his celebrity status or any special treatment. But, whatever they say, the desire to return to his homeland as soon as possible did not leave Presley for a minute.


In March 1960, the singer received his sergeant's stripes and was demobilized. During the time of service, there had been significant changes in his life. In 1958, he lost his mother and parted with his beloved woman. Nevertheless, during this short time, he met his love, Priscilla Beaulieu, whom he married to almost 10 years later.

And many of those whom he met during the service became his loyal friends who accompanied him throughout his life.

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