Michael Douglas Opens Up About The Role Of Religion In His Life And Speaks On Anti-Semitism

Date January 19, 2018

Although he is 73 now, Michael Douglas found religion only a couple of years ago when his youngest son Dylan became more engaged with Judaism.

Finding religion

The film star said that he had an informal religious upbringing, but thanks to his son who is attending a Jewish school, he began his return to religion. Some think that his mother's lack of Jewish roots makes him a non-Jew. But he realized that for those who hate the Jewish people, this difference is insignificant.


Son’s interest

Dylan showed interest in his faith when he was 11 by asking parents to give him a bar mitzvah. The actor and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, first thought it was all about gifts. But their son was quick to deny that.

No, when they light the candles on Friday, my soul feels alive and I feel something.

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Besides, Kirk Douglas was deeply touched by his grandson’s decision.

I get such ‘nachas’ [pride] knowing that Dylan wore the same prayer shawl that Kirk had. I know what that meant to my father.

Anti-Semitism issues

In 2014, the Douglas family went to Europe to enjoy nature and have some quality time together. The family stayed in a hotel. Once Dylan went down to the swimming-pool, where a man approached him and showered the teenager with insults. As it turned out, the boy was wearing a Star of David, and this was his first encounter with anti-Semitism.

In Michael Douglas’ understanding, this hostility is a disease that breaks out after any political action. The actor encourages politicians and other religious leaders to fight it.

If we confront anti-Semitism ... if we combat it individually and as a society, and use whatever platform we have to denounce it, we can stop the spread of this madness.


He also added that he son was lucky by living in a country where anti-Semitism does not occur often, but after this encounter, he knows about the dangers that he might face.

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