Matthew McConaughey And Camila Alves' Love Story

Date January 9, 2018

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have been together for more than a decade, and this couple debunks the myth that long-lasting and strong relationships in Hollywood are impossible.

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How it all began

Matthew and Camila met in 2006 in New York in the nightclub. By that time, McConaughey already had a reputation of a heartthrob, which is no wonder because he has always been attractive and handsome.

But for the Oscar-winning actor, it was definitely the love at first sight.

I went in my head, ‘This is not the kind of woman you call over across the room, McConaughey. Get your ass out of your chair and go get her.’ Which I did.

But the same cannot be said about his beloved, who was not as charmed as her future husband was. But then, their relationship developed rapidly, and already in July 2008, Matthew and Camila became first-time parents, the Brazilian beauty gave birth to their first son Levi.

Long-expected marriage

There have never been rumors regarding any problems in their relationship. But the marriage was only civil, and Matthew was saying that he still had an amazing family without tying the knot. Such thinking might have been influenced by his parents who married three times and divorced twice.


But in June 2012, Matthew and his love lady got married in the groom's family estate in Texas. The private wedding ceremony took place in the presence of a few guests and relatives. The Brazilian model took the husband's surname and became Camila McConaughey.


It is unclear why Matthew changed his mind so suddenly. Perhaps, the reason was the expectation of the third child.

To bring a healthy child into this world, raise them right and watch them grow is the biggest miracle there is.

Or maybe, he realized that love and official marriage do not affect each other. After all, the whole world has long perceived them as a pair.

Let their marriage be stronger and happier with each day. We hope that this couple will delight and inspire us for a long time.

Matthew McConaughey Love Story