South-Carolina Based Artist Brings Old Silverware To Life In His Incredible Sculptures Of Birds

Date January 17, 2018

Unlike most people who happen to visit a rubbish dump, South Carolina-based rec-artist Matt Wilson will not see a pile of garbage. Instead, he will see infinite possibilities and great artistic potential. Also known as Airtight Artwork, this talented artisan turns scrap metal, logs, driftwood, and other objects he finds into incredible sculptures of birds that look as if they are about to come to life and fly away.


Preserving natural world

According to the craftsman, his art is a reflection of the environment and love of nature. He believes that by using recycled and organic materials, he helps protect resources and preserve the natural world. A noble cause, indeed!

My sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness.


Various types of birds

And if some think that Wilson sticks to one type of words, they are terribly wrong. Among artist’s sculptures, you can find magnificent woodland owls and robins, predatory ravens and eagles, and exotic parrots.

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Other creatures

Although most works of the American artist depict birds, he also makes metal sculptures of insects, fish, lobsters, and other inhabitants of the underwater world.

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Working with materials

Creating a masterpiece takes not only inspiration but also patience, time, resilience, and skills. After all, as Johannes Brahms said:

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

To complete a sculpture, Wilson has to find perfect materials, and sometimes, it takes months to collect everything he needs. In one piece, he uses metal coil and, in others, silver spoons and forks. And while some of his amazing works are freestanding, others are fastened to reclaimed driftwood or mounted to pieces of metal.

And if you are interested in creating your own masterpiece, there are many useful tutorials on the Internet.

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