Montreal Resident Fools Officers With A Full-Size Car Made Entirely Of Snow And Gets A Fake Parking Ticket In Return

Date January 19, 2018

In Canada, Montreal’s resident decided to play a trick on "snow plow guys," building a car out of snow on the roadway. And by doing so, he attracted the police attention.

Strict rules during storms

It’s not a secret that Montreal gets its fair share of snow every year. In fact, winter storms often blanket the entire city. That is why, unlike places further on south of the country, the city has an effective snow removal process. But to clean the streets, they need to be clear of cars, hence there is a special parking ban.


Fooling the police

Since the snow-car looked like a real full-sized vehicle, the police were fooled by it. The perpetrator, Simon Laprise, even managed to photograph a puzzled police officer who was standing next to his snow creation. It seems the police had a good laugh, and even called for backup for other officers to see this handicraft.

Simon was surprised when the policeman left something on the windshield part of the sculpture. But it turned out not to be a parking ticket, but a note thanking the man for a good laugh.

You made our night hahahahaha :)

Going viral

Laprise immediately shared his snaps on Facebook and Reddit, and they quickly became viral. Some American residents even made fun of the situation, imagining how the event would unfold in the United States.

Simon also confessed that he was just going to deceive the guys from the communal services, but certainly did not expect to see a note from the police and, what is more, to become so popular.

Unfortunately, the masterpiece was destroyed during snow removal operations. But since Simon is quite a car enthusiast and artist, we will not be surprised if he throws another prank.

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