Barbra Streisand And James Brolin Share The Story Of Their Successful And Long-Lasting Marriage

Date October 18, 2017

The long-lasting marriages are not typical for Hollywood celebrities. But fortunately, there are some exceptions. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin had a long road to happiness. They met at the mature age when they both were more than 50 years old. Despite this fact, the happy couple confessed it was the biggest love story in their lives. Today, Barbra shares her secret of the strong family relationships and happy marriage.

Barbra began her career as a New York nightclub singer when she was a teenager, and her amazing talent could not remain unnoticed. Soon, she became the real sensation on Broadway and the frequent guest of the most popular tonight shows. During her career, Streisand has released 34 albums and appeared in 20 films. Despite her endless list of talents, Barbra didn’t like to be in the center of overall attention. The star confessed that in her opinion, a woman’s main destination is to become a happy mother and loving wife.


Barbra and James met each other when they were already popular and successful. The actors played in many romantic movies, but they still looked for the true love. They first met at their common friend's party in 1996. Barbra said that she caught James’ attention by telling him she didn't like his hair. The actress is not fond of the trivial compliments, and that is a part of her individuality. Brolin explained he didn’t expect such truth from the woman, and he decided to continue their communication. “He charmed me when he said he could cook,” confessed Barbra.

He knew I love sushi, and he decided to cook them for me. That was the beginning of their relationships.

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Despite their busy lives and successful careers, Barbra and James know how to keep their love and show no signs of getting bored in their marriage.

Kindness and honesty are the pillars of a happy marriage. Loving people share absolutely everything with each other.

You may watch the singer's story about her relationships with Brolin in the video below.

Barbra Streisand is the incredibly talented actress and singer, loving wife, and just a gorgeous woman. Her husband says that no one can compete with her amazing charm. And we can’t disagree with James.

Source: Dailymail