Optical Illusion Of A Curving Floor: British Tile Company Created It For Their Showroom Entrance


October 16, 2017 12:05 By Fabiosa

An optical illusion is a tricky thing. It makes an object look different from what it really is. Our eyes send information to our brains and trick us. But some people can turn optical illusions into the brilliant works of art. Designers can express their talent and creativity in a very unusual way.

A tile company from Manchester created an impressive optical illusion in their hallway to make visitors stop running down the hall. The floor resembles a chess board due to the combination of black and white colors. The tiles are placed in a manner that gives an impression of the floor falling down the feet, and visitors risk coming to an abyss of the uneven surface.

The employers of the tile company revealed the mystery of their impressive invention. The whole secret is the specific pattern in which the tiles have been laid. It gives the appearance of the optical illusion.

The director of the company, Duncan Cook, shared the pictures of the unique hallway on Twitter, and they have gone viral in a couple of days. Despite the company's intention to prevent the visitors from running inside the building, a lot of internet users admitted that they would like to walk across the amazing floor to prove that it is entirely even. Anyway, we can definitely say that it is a great marketing trick, and the company will not lack visitors in the nearest future.

People like to give mental exercises to their brains. That is one of the reasons why they love optical illusions. It’s intriguing to look at an object and understand that it’s not what it seems. And, definitely, the best part of an optical illusion is to solve its mystery.

Source: Laughingsquid