Conway Twitty’s ‘Hello Darlin’ Original Vs. Cover: Who Is Going To Win This Music Battle?

Date December 8, 2017

The world knows a lot of singers and musicians whose awesome talent and incredible songs make them true music legends for the entire generation. This list includes such eminent names as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, and lots of others. But it appears that sometimes, an ordinary young singer can perform a hit song better than a worldwide famous star.

This is actually the case of a legendary star Conway Twitty and a young singer Scotty McCreery. His incredible cover on Twitty’s eternal hit “Hello Darlin” is definitely one of the most powerful performances of this song ever. In fact, most people think that a young singer managed to do his version of “Hello Darlin” even better than Conway himself. But before you can compare both performances of this incredible song, we want to tell a few words about gorgeous Conway Twitty.


Conway Twitty is a music legend of the entire generation

It’s hard to evaluate Twitty’s contribution to the development of music industry and country music in particular. Conway got involved in music from his early years when his father presented the boy his first guitar. In fact, Twitty had a lot of other talents besides vocal skills; he played professional baseball, and there was a period when his parents thought their son would make a successful career in sports. But for the joy of all devoted fans, Twitty chose another path.


The singer confessed that in his music, he was inspired by one-of-the-kind Elvis Presley. Conway tried himself in varies music genres, and finally, he understood country music was his greatest passion. During his long and successful onstage career, Twitty recorded dozens of great singles, which became eternal hits for the next generations. The star received numerous awards, including Grammy, and finally, his name was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame.


Conway Twitty vs. Scotty McCreery “Hello Darlin”

“Hello Darlin” is considered to be the greatest country hit of Conway Twitty. There have been many covers on this classic song. But Scotty McCreery is no doubt beyond competition. This guy has definitely done well. In fact, most people who hear Scotty’s incredible performance vote that he’s doing it even better than the iconic music legend.

We suggest you watch both performances and compare which one you like more. So, who’s going to win this music battle – Twitty or McCreery?

It’s fair to say that both performances are truly mesmerizing, and it’s pretty hard to compare. In our personal opinion, we like McCreery’s more. And what do you think? Please let us know in the comments.

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