5 Reasons A Woman Would Be Happy Or Sorry To Be Married To Patrick Swayze

Date December 5, 2017 12:18

Many things can be said about the life and career of incredible Patrick Swayze. He was a talented actor, dancer, and very few people know, he was also a great singer. Swayze was most remembered for his iconic role in Dirty Dancing, and his appearance in the romantic drama Ghost made him a true heartthrob for millions of women.

Swayze won the hearts of his female fans around the globe. Almost every woman, who saw the actor on screen, dreamed to marry this handsome fellow. But is it so easy as it seems to be a wife of such prominent person? We’ve looked through the actor’s life, career, and achievements and found 5 reasons to be happy or sorry if one could marry handsome Patrick Swayze.


5 pros of the marriage

1. He was handsome


Appearance is not the most important thing in a man, but without doubt, Patrick was really handsome and attractive. After his first major role in the film Outsiders, fans and critics stated that he was destined to become an actor. His success led to numerous movie offers afterwards. A romantic drama Ghost, where Swayze co-starred incredible Demi Moore, confirmed his status of a sex symbol and made the actor “every girl’s dream” in a moment.


2. Amazing dancer

Patrick started dancing from the early childhood. His mother was a choreographer and she owned a dancing school where young Swayze spent most of his time. When Patrick moved to New York, he worked as a dancer at the Feld Ballet Company.

Later, his dancing skills helped the young star to get the role of a dance instructor in the legendary Dirty Dancing. The movie had a tremendous success, Swayze earned his Golden Globe nomination, and his numerous female fans began attending dance schools dreaming to find there the same handsome instructor.



3. He loved horses

As we already know, Swayze was good at many activities like dancing and acting. The star was also skilled at swimming and gymnastics. But his greatest passion was horse riding. Patrick loved horses a lot. Once he said that horse riding helped him get rid of the negative thoughts and fears. The actor spent the last years of his life at his ranch in southern California.

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4. ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

People magazine unveils its Sexiest Man Alive list every year. Patrick Swayze got the status in 1991. The actor commented this award as “a confirmation that he’s doing everything right.”


5. Happy and lasting marriage

Swayze met his future wife, Lisa Niemi, when she was 16. The girl was a student at his mother’s dance school. Their common passion for dancing made them move to New York together, where the couple got married. Their marriage lasted for 34 years. Patrick said that the secret of their happy and long-lasting marriage was a mutual support.

I just felt at that time that I'm very, very lucky to have a woman who thinks I hung the moon.


5 cons of the marriage

1. Bad habits

When the actor’s father passed away, Swayze had a serious drinking problem. When he lost his sister, it just furthered this addiction. Besides, he was a heavy smoker.

2. Suicidal thoughts

Several unsuccessful films hampered the actor's career. It was just at the time when he lost his father. Swayze passed through a difficult period in his life, which forced him to undertake rehabilitation to overcome this addiction.


3. He was very demanding

Patrick’s friends and co-starring partners admitted that the actor was too much obsessive about his work. He wanted to be involved in all processes at the same time giving his own advice on what is good or bad. Swayze’s partner in Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey, said Swayze was very demanding to everyone on shooting and sometimes it made her go crazy.


4. Untimely death

Drinking problem influenced Swayze’s health a lot. In 2008, the actor was diagnosed with cancer. Swayze remained optimistic and continued working on new films, but in 2009, his struggle with the disease came to an end.

5. Too good-looking

As we already said, Swayze was a talented actor and very handsome man, even the sexiest man of 1991 to be exact. His numerous talents and the fact that he was too good-looking made Patrick a real heartthrob for all girls and women around the world. His popularity developed immediately with every new role. Sometimes, it was not simple for his wife to cope with excessive women’s attention to her husband.


Patrick Swayze was extremely talented actor and dancer, a handsome man, and beloved husband. All people have their weaknesses, but the most important is what we could learn from every life lesson. Like any person, Swayze had his ups and downs, but we will always remember him as a prominent actor and just a nice fellow with a great smile.

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