Decorations Are Up: The White House Is Ready For Christmas 2017

Date November 27, 2017

Early December is a perfect time to get ready for Christmas. Nothing else can help create a holiday mood like incredible Christmas decorations, and the White House is not an exception. First Lady, Melania Trump, shared a great post on Instagram in front of Christmas.

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The White House is ready for Christmas

Christmas trees, wreaths, colorful lights, gingerbread houses, and more – this year Christmas in the White House will be totally magical. Melania Trump shared a video of how the White House gets ready for holidays and it’s indeed mesmerizing.

The decorations are up. The white House is ready to celebrate.

The tradition of decorating the White House for Christmas has a rich history and dates back to 1889. It was during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison, when the first Christmas tree was displayed in the Oval Room. Now this great tradition has become an official event. Thousands of visitors tour the White House to see the decorations every year.

White House Christmas Tour 2016

In 2016, the former president, Barack Obama, lightened national Christmas tree for the last time. Lets go back to the past and remember amazing Christmas celebration in the White House last year.

It's time to light the tree, everybody!






Here is how the White House looked like on Christmas last year. Please enjoy the video below.

It’s time to get ready for Christmas. The White House is ready for holidays and, in our opinion, it looks absolutely stunning!

Source: flotus / Instagram

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