Conway Twitty’s Professional Achievements And Second Life For His Greatest Hit ‘Hello Darlin’

Date December 5, 2017

Conway Twitty was a true legend of the country music. During his career, he recorded 55 singles which appeared on the top list of the most popular charts. Conway’s life and his contribution to the music industry deserve to be told about.

Conway Twitty’s personal life

Conway’s parents discovered their son’s musical talent from his early childhood. The boy learned to play guitar when he was 4. As a teen, Twitty proved his skills as a talented baseball player but finally, he chose music over sports.


During the Korean War, young Conway served in the army. When he returned to America, Twitty decided to continue his work on music. Later, the singer confessed he was inspired by legendary Elvis Presley. After hearing his iconic song “Mystery train,” Conway began to play rock’n roll music by himself.

Conway Twitty was married four times. Actually, he had only three wives, but he remarried his second wife, Temple Medley, though the couple divorced again after 28 years of marriage. The singer had four children.

Twitty's major accomplishments

When Twitty recorded his first rock hit “It’s Only Make Believe,” it was sold with more than eight million copies. The singer experimented with several genres until he started working on the country music. His first county hit “Next in Line” was called a real phenomenon in the music industry. Twitty had global tours in support of his new album, and his popularity began to grow with enormous speed.


During his onstage career, Twitty had thousands of concerts around the globe. He won over 100 awards including two Grammys. It’s hard to evaluate the singer’s contribution to the world music and county genre in particular.


‘Hello Darlin’: Twitty’s masterpiece

Twitty’s song ‘Hello Darlin’ is considered a masterpiece in the history of the country music. The singer’s voice is able to touch everyone’s deep feelings. It’s totally worth hearing.

Scotty McCreery performs Conway Twitty's classic song ‘Hello Darlin’. This guy has definitely done Conway justice on this song. You can hear it in the video below and choose which one you like better.