Aaron And Samantha Taylor-Johnson: Her Love Saved Him Despite 23-Year Age Gap

Date December 28, 2017

23 years of age difference make no matter for Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his beautiful wife, Samantha. The actor says his wife’s love saved him from self-destruction, and he has never been so happy in his entire life since he met Sam.


Their first meeting

Samantha Taylor is the most commercially successful female film-maker in Hollywood after she directed Fifty Shades of Grey. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a skilled actor best known for his role of Benjamin Button. Aaron is 23 years younger than Sam, but he says he doesn’t feel this age gap at all.

The couple met on the set of Nowhere Boy in 2009. Sam already passed through a failed marriage; she is a mother of two daughters. Aaron has just reached his first career success and didn’t think about marriage and kids. But love may be truly unpredictable.

Two stars fell in love with each other from their first meeting. Their romance was like a whirlwind. Sam and Aaron announced their engagement at the film's premiere later that year. Today, the pair has two children together. Aaron says:

I knew I wanted to be with her. I wanted kids and I was really into that, taking time off and involving myself in the bubble of her pregnancy.


Her love saved him despite 23-year age gap

Taylor-Johnson confessed he was a self-destructive person struggling with success before he met Sam. She’s become not just his wife but his most close friend and a true partner in life.

I was a self destructive teenager struggling with success.


The couple now focuses mostly on the important things like being parents for their four children. Aaron says these pleasant responsibilities help him cope with stress at work and find inner peace.

The actor and his wife agreed to work only on one project a year, meaning that they always can find time for the family.


Samantha and Aaron look very happy together. Even 23-year age gap can’t ruin that special sparkle between these two loving people.

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