Personality And A Preferred Place To Live Are Connected - A New Test To Prove That!

Date February 27, 2018

Have you ever wondered what type of a person you are? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? There are a lot of tests out there. However, none of them can answer your question for sure.


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Recently, our scientists designed a special easy test to determine what kind of personality you have. Simply choose one of the pictures from each pair below. Choose one that you’ve liked the most. Try to imagine yourself in these places.

1. What do you prefer more? These majestic green mountains or a warm palmy beach?

Shaiith79 /

Iakov /

2. Choose between the mysterious mountains or a limitless ocean.

Byelikova /

hydromet /

3. Do you like these magnificent snowy mountains? Or would you prefer a tender open beach?

loriklaszlo /

WestCoastScapes /

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The results:

It’s time to calculate your results and determine your true nature. For every mountain you picked, you score 1 point. For every ocean you picked, you get 3 points. If your final score is 5 or less, you are an introvert. Or if you’ve got 6 or more, you are an extrovert.


The difference between the two types is pretty simple and obvious. Extroverts recharge from social activity, while introverts recharge by spending time alone. Based on that difference, it is fair to say that extroverts are a bit more social.


Are the place you choose to live in and a personality type connected?

Recent studies showed an interesting connection between types of personalities and their preferable place to live in. Extroverts love plain open spaces, while introverts prefer mountains and other secluded environments. Shige Oishi, the lead researcher, says that people should consider their personalities when choosing a place to live:

Some cities and towns have geography that is more accommodating for some people than for others...if you know you're introverted, then you may be rejuvenated by being in a secluded place, while an extrovert may be rejuvenated more in an open space.



What do you think of the test? How do you feel about your answers? Is there a connection between the environment and your personality? Share with us!

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