Catorable Rorschach Test To Learn More About Your Personality

Date February 14, 2018

Have you ever heard of the Rorschach test? It’s a test where a person describes what they see in the pictures with inkblots. Then, the data is analyzed to examine person’s emotional functioning and personality characteristics. It was designed back 1960s, and we think that it’s simply a thing of the past. That’s why, our “cat department” decided to waste a whole year to study psychology, analyze all the previous tests ever made, read all modern psychology papers, and design our own version of the Rorschach test, the updated one. We called it “the Catorable Rorschach test.”


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We present you "the Catorable Rorschach test"

We have combined simplicity, psychology, and cats into one. Simply answer 5 yes or no questions.  Every “yes” answer counts as 2 points. Every “no” is 0 points. Let's go!

1. Do you see either a cool imperial stormtrooper from Star Wars or two guys muscling their big arms on this adorable cat?

2. Do you see two faces of Donald Trump in profile? Or maybe you see an inevitable death of our planet Earth?

3. Do you see either a meditating yogi, or a ninja who is practicing his kung-fu style?

4. Is there a proud lion on an equally proud cat?

5. Do you see a woman in a wedding gown? Or maybe you see two little birds trying to build a nest?

You can relax now. The work is almost done. Simply count your points. Do you remember? You get 2 points for "yes," but 0 points for "no."

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The answers:

If you got 0-4 points, we can congratulate you, because you are perfectly fine. You have a strong stomach and a mental balance. Most definitely, you just love cats. However, maybe you just need to buy a new pair of glasses.


For those who got 4-8 points, we would recommend reducing a stress level by petting a cat. Sometimes, you can be unstable, but aren’t we all sometimes a bit too exited?


If you somehow managed to score 10 points, just for your consideration, therapy may be useful. We can recommend you to consult our psychotherapist “Munchkin cat”: 

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